Megan D., Special Projects Director, Maine Department of Education

“I had the pleasure of working with Leslie to update the Maine Department of Education’s WorkReady curriculum. WorkReady is a 60 hour employability credential issued by the MDOE. I hired Leslie to update the curriculum as the last draft was written in 2010. Leslie proved to be a wealth of information when it comes to the world of work. As a former WorkReady facilitator, Leslie had strong knowledge as to the strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum and was able to efficiently target and update the sections of the 27 lesson curriculum where it was needed most. Leslie was always pleasant and professional to work with and I recommend her for her career advising knowledge”

Jay B.

"Leslie was a huge help organizing my thoughts and paperwork as I pursued a new job for the first time in decades. She was extremely knowledgeable about the executive search process and her insights and experience were invaluable."

Maryanna B.

"I’ve worked with Leslie Smith as I’ve re-launched my career. Leslie helped me explore my options and make informed decisions which resulted in creating a personal brand and redesigning my resume. Leslie was able to provide advice and direction based on her many resources and years of experience in the industry. She offered feedback and strategies for each step of the job search.

Job hunting is so different today than it was twenty years ago. Leslie’s insight was invaluable and saved me tremendous amounts of time by guiding me along with current and effective job search strategies. Working with Leslie is the best decision I made when I chose to re-launch my career."

Beth D.

"When I recently decided to reenter the workforce after spending several years as stay-at-home mother, my first priority was to revise my resume. I had concerns about how best to tackle my resume; specifically regarding how to manage the lapse in conventional work experience while I was home with my children. I contacted Leslie at Career Strategies, LLC and she was incredibly knowledgeable about resume building.

At our first meeting, she presented me with several options and examples of resumes that represented people who had similar situations to mine and she also taught me different styles of formatting. Not only is Leslie skilled at resume building, she has extensive experience understanding what a hiring manager is look for when reviewing resumes. Leslie’s consultative style was refreshing; she really listened to my needs and was focused, efficient, friendly and thorough throughout the process.

Together, through a few meetings, we developed a resume which best reflected the experience I’ve had in my industry and highlighted my strengths. Ultimately, I was very pleased with the result- the best recommendation I can give is that upon sending my resume to a few contacts in my industry, I landed a new job within weeks!"

Elizabeth N.

"Leslie was recommended by a good friend. I was looking for help in reentering employment after choosing to step out of work for seven years while raising my family.  At our first meeting, Leslie took great care “interviewing” me and intently listening to my hopes, fears, and ideas in regards to working again. This had the effect of me starting out with a clearer sense of who I am at this point in life and how work would fit into and be a part of my life in a way that I currently envisioned.

Leslie then provided a stream of tools for me to create my own personal profile. I took online tests to specify my strengths, personal style and interests. She gave me handouts to study and writing exercises. We reflected on how well the profile fit with my practical search to be sure the types of jobs I was seeking were in fact going to be ones I would be happy in long term.

Through this process, we would meet monthly or more often to review what had been accomplished and take the next step. Leslie provided concrete steps to shaping personal goals to strengthen my focus. I narrowed my search area, targeted businesses, and located job listings in websites. Leslie was always excited to enliven & support my goals when we reconnected.Leslie takes her work to heart by putting herself at the pulse of the working world. She is linked to a community of entrepreneurial-minded people and is involved in teaching and developing her services. Leslie is a wealth of resourcefulness and an extremely skillful guide in these times."

Debbie B.

"I enjoyed taking the WorkReady program that you facilitated. The class work was fun but challenging.  It helped me gain success in my job search. I would encourage any job seekers to try this class.  It worked for me. Leslie, you rock."